Matt Trusts CARDIAMIN Because...
"I hate seeing my wife worry about my heart, so I learned not to take chances with my heart vitamin. I switched to CARDIAMIN. My doctor says it's safe. Not buying all the other vitamins gives us some extra money, and I can swallow two pills and move on with my day. Works for me."

CARDIAMIN® – THE Cardiac Multivitamin?

If you have searched for cardiac vitamins, your search is over. Cardiamin, a cardiac multivitamin developed by leading heart doctors,  is the daily heart supplement that gives you the essential nutrition your heart needs. Using guidelines provided by the Heart Failure Society of America and the American Heart Association, Cardiamin’s cardiac vitamins provide the nutritional requirements for people with a history, or family history, of stroke, heart failure, heart attack, heart disease, or high cholesterol.

Two pills is all I need?

cardiaminBottleYes, two soft gels daily can provide all the omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, vitamin D, and key ingredients needed by complete cardiac vitamins. Cardiamin combines these ingredients precisely to present the optimal dosage a cardiac multivitamin right for every heart needs.

Is Cardiamin better than leading cardiac vitamins?

Compare Cardiamin to the other cardiac vitamins; Centrum Cardio®, One-A-Day Cholesterol Plus® or GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Heart Vitapak® and you will find that Cardiamin leads for heart supplement  requirements.

It has all the ingredients you need in two small tablets, compared to 5 or more for the other brands, all without the added potentially harmful ingredients found in the other formulas. Plus, Cardiamin does not conflict with your prescribed heart medicines or blood thinners.

Vitamin D – is your heart getting enough?

People are surprised to find recent studies have concluded that many people do not get enough Vitamin D to keep their heart healthy over time.  This is why Cardiamin includes the right amount of Vitamin D based on these clinical studies.  In fact, you may be surprised how much Vitamin D your heart needs according to an article on WebMD.

Click here to read the full article on WebMD: Too Little Vitamin D Puts Heart at Risk

But wait, there is more…

To understand why Cardiamin is one of the best cardiac vitamins, visit the Cardiamin site for complete information.

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